The Royal House cannot hide the scandal of Queen Letizia’s infidelity towards King Felipe VI

The Home Spanish royal is in a tough situation thanks to the infidelity scandal of the queen Letiziaafter his former brother-in-law Jaime del Burgo divulge that they had a romantic relationship while the journalist was already engaged to the king philip SAW. And although the monarchy has tried to hide all the controversy, it has encountered numerous obstacles.

The marriage between Letizia and Felipe VI of Spain He is going through a serious and very delicate situation that has completely damaged his image. The desire for revenge and making the weight of her voice known have caused true chaos in Operettawhile the Royal House has done everything possible to calm the storm.

Let it not be in doubt; the Casa Real is doing everything possible to silence Jaime del Burgo, but he hasn’t had any luck. And when they believed that everything had happened, the businessman broke his silence and became his biggest enemy, supported by his confessions published in the book ‘Letizia and I’ by James Penafiel.

He spoke at the end of November in Twitter and then deleted the messages. This action made the public believe that everything was a big lie, or that perhaps they had received threats from the upper echelons of Spain.

However, Jaime del Burgo recovered them this week, and has assured that he is not afraid, that his story is real and that the world deserves to know the truth about the queen Letizia. Can the Spanish Royal House stop it once and for all?

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