The royals would have rejected his request to stay in Windsor

He prince harry will travel next May 8 to England, as it will be present at the ceremony commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games. Thanks to that trip, rumors began to spread that she possibly met with some members of the British royal familyHowever, it has been reported that the duke will not be able to be attended to by the crown, so he would stay in a hotel.

According to exclusive information published by ‘GB News’, the Duke of Sussex has checked into a London hotel for your next trip to your native country.

Harry he would have intended to stay at Windsor Castle. However, the request would have been denied. He king Charles III He would be “too busy” to meet his son.

So far, there has been no report of the attendance of any member of the crown to the commemorative event of the Games Invictus.

There are also no reports that in duke of sussex He will reunite with his family. However, there are possibilities that he may have a meeting with the king.

He prince harry traveled to the United Kingdom on February 6 of this year, after Buckingham Palace reported that at Head of state he had been diagnosed with cancer.

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