NY Prosecutor’s Office asks that Trump receive more fines for violating gag order in his criminal trial – El Sol de México

The Prosecutor’s Office He asked this Thursday that the former president Donald Trumpwho faces a criminal trial in NYbe fined at least 4 thousand dollars again for contempt of the “gag order” that prohibits him from speaking publicly against witnesses, prosecutors and jurors.

This fine would be added to the $9,000 fine he received on Tuesday when the judge, Juan M. Merchán, in charge of the criminal process, determined that Trump had violated the “gag order” by making several public statements on his social network, Social Truthand on his campaign website in which he attacked the witnesses who participate in the trial.

The prosecutors They presented four pieces of evidence to the judge today, one for each of the alleged violations of the “gag order” and said they are seeking a maximum fine of one thousand dollars, but that at the moment they are not seeking a prison sentence.

Most of the Prosecutor’s evidence were statements that Trump, who is in campaign for the presidential elections this year, he told the press.

In one of these statements, Trump pointed out that the jury had been selected too quickly – it took a week – and that New York City was majority Democratic, implying that the jury could not be impartial in this trial, the first in the history of USA to a former president.

Other evidence presented suggests that Trump spoke to the press about the former editor of the The National Enquire David Peckerwho was the first witness called at the trial, and of Michael Cohen -Trump’s former lawyer and right-hand man, who is expected to be one of the prosecution’s star witnesses.

About Pecker he said that he was “good people” and that he was being “nice” in his testimony. While about Cohen He said he was a “liar” and has no credibility.

For his part, the Donald Trump’s legal team He provided the judge with 500 pages of evidence, he pointed out to the judge that this case is being highly covered in the media and that the politician has the right both to answer what they ask him and to defend himself against the attacks that he is receiving, above all, from Cohen on social networks.

In addition, he asked that Cohen not be part of this “gag order.” Judge Merchán did not make a decision after hearing both sides, but he is expected to do so soon.

Before entering the room today New York Supreme CourtTrump, who is a presidential candidate this year, once again complained about having to attend his trial and said that this case could have started 8 years ago.

“They have no point,” he said several times, noting that it would be “nice to be able to do Campaign someday without being in this ridiculous show trial.”

Trump visited Michigan and Wisconsin on Wednesday to campaign. The Republican faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the first degree to cover up a sexual relationship with the porn actress during the 2016 campaign. Stormy Daniels.

This is the third week of the trial and today the former lawyer of the Former actress, Keith Davidsonwho in the last session said that he understood that the president was the driving force behind the agreement to silence his client.

Davidson was in charge of negotiating a payment of $130,000 to keep Daniels silent regarding an affair with the mogul in 2006.

Although the negotiations took place in 2016 with Cohen, Davidson indicated in his testimony on Tuesday that he understood that the source of the money was trump or some corporate affiliation of the politician.

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