The Spanish royal family offered Queen Letizia a blank check to leave King Felipe VI

The Royal family Spanish, especially king emeritus Juan Carlos Yothey have never had a good relationship with the queen Letizia. Given this, all kinds of maneuvers have arisen to try to harm her, but the most recent, although some believe it is a first, was discovered a decade ago and served as a setting for the emeritus to make a blunt offer to the monarch.

Jaime del Burgo, Letizia’s former brother-in-law who broke his silence a few weeks ago on the social network Twitterrevealed that he maintained a relationship with Queen Letizia beyond her wedding to the king Philipdenying the monarch’s alleged position regarding her thoughts on betrayals and deceptions.

Letizia’s alleged deception of Felipe VI originally came to light in 2013, just at the time when the marriage He went through his biggest crisis and they were on the verge of getting divorced. Not all the royalty She was aware of this matter, that Juan Carlos was the one who discovered the cake when spying on his daughter-in-law. However, nothing was exposed to the public eye and remained private.

The king emeritus, in royal family name Spanishhad a conversation with his daughter-in-law, who assured him that he would not say anything to his son if he left Zarzuela forever and abandoned the throne. He promised her a blank check and that she would never lack for anything.neither her nor her daughters, he would personally take care of all the expenses.

However, the Queen Letizia I did not accept and in the end, it only took a year for the king emeritus Juan Carlos Yo was pressured to abdicate the crown and give the throne to his son. After 10 years and with the scandal publicly disclosed, the emeritus could now feel calm that his daughter-in-law did not accept his proposal, despite the fact that she currently holds the title of queen consort.

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