The tender detail of Princes George, Louis and Princess Charlotte towards Kate Middleton

After the great euphoria that royal fans experienced due to the unexpected and sudden operation of Kate Middleton and the king Charles IIIthe media have revealed what for many has been considered a tender detail of the princes george, louis and the princess charlotte towards his mother, the Duchess of Wales.

And among all the controversy, according to several royal experts, it was the wife of the prince william who would have asked for discretion in this matter, mainly because she was concerned about the peace of mind of her three young children, who were in the care of her father and the Middleton family, but apparently, the royal was worrying about little things.

As reported by the newspaper Us WeeklyPrincess Kate Middleton received an unexpected, but very tender gift from the little princes, while she was resting from the aftermath of her abdominal surgery in the clinical facilities.

And George, Louis and Charlotte would not have hesitated to write some emotional letters of support, which they decorated with a lot of love and where they let Kate know how much they missed her and clearly wished her a speedy recovery, details that most likely they stayed strong and calm the Princess of Wales during her recovery.

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