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In different parts of the world, tribute is paid to the singleness, one day before Valentine’s Day and since the origin of this unique tradition is not known with certainty, we better suggest you put together your look to receive the February 14th full of good energy having red as the protagonist of your look.

Sensuality, passion, love, courage, force, desire…and other concepts are those that encompass the meaning of the color red. This provocative and intense tone has been adopted in different ways in the cultures of the world, most of which relate it to the color of the heart, emotions and happiness; In Asia, for example, it is synonymous with fortune and fertility.

In terms of fashion, red represents elegance and glamor; Color experts have found that people who wear red “are the most desired“, for this reason, it is not surprising that the looks on February 14 are starred by this color.

For this season, various brands have launched special collections and pieces dedicated to the celebration of the Valentine’s Day. In Circles We share the different options for you to complement your look and join the celebration with a lot of style to surprise your couple or friends.

The luxury brand Michael Korsis inspired by romance and sophisticationto highlight the most emblematic colors of the season, red and pink, through a detailed selection of bags, clothes and shoes to make your style shine.

The proposal highlights a long ribbed dress (straight cut) and mock round neckwith a side leg opening with rhinestone details.

But if you prefer a more formal lookyou can choose the set of jacket and pantsand combine it with a classic bag tote double handle. And it is one of the infallible accessories in your look, They are the bags and the French leather goods brand Longchamp bet on the type tote in a vibrant red, made of polyamide, with a smooth design and main compartment with zipper closure, handles, and engraved brand logo.

For the more feminine ones, how about you join the “coquette” trend?, with the brand Aquazzura flats Bow Tiewhich presents flats in red suede, style slip-onwith bow detail and openings on the heel.

The heels They cannot be missed in this celebration. Throughout the history of fashion, there have been iconic designs such as those of Christian Louboutinwhich for this date, celebrates the female passion with a totally red model of sneakers, highlighting the elegance of the French style and turning them into wardrobe accessories.

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Jewelry cannot be missing from your outfit, in addition to the fact that at this time, they take on more prominence, due to the symbolic load they carry with them. Choose from a ring, earrings, or necklaces.

In this topic, a paradoxical combination of the Italian word for flower, flowerand the English word for eternity, forever, Fioreverestablishes the flower as a new official symbol by Bvlgari.

The Italian firm immortalizes the four petal flower in jewelry with diamonds inspired by the origins of Romea motif that adorns many of the vestiges of the Roman empire: the frescoes from the garden of Villa di Liviathe sculptures of Palazzo Massimo and the mosaics that dress the ceiling of the Mausoleum of Saint Constance, among others. Challenging lines and timeless diamondsturn the new icon into a celebration.

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