The title that would correspond to Camilla Parker in case something happens to King Charles III, according to the press

With the news of the diagnosis of cancer of the king Charles IIIfrom this moment several British media and those around the world are waiting for what may happen, therefore, recently some have dared to give the possible title that would correspond to the now queen, Camilla Parker, in case something happens. happens to your husband.

Just as it has been stated that the prince william He should already be prepared to take his step as the future king, others have stated that in case something happens to King Charles, since his diagnosis is not yet true, Queen Camilla Parker would receive the title of Queen Dowagerbut contrary to what many believe, she would not, in that case, be the official monarch of the United Kingdom, since the title would pass to the king’s first son.

In any case, and hoping that nothing happens to King Charles, since he has not been in the British Crown for a very long period of time, the current queen would not become a very important member, although she will clearly continue to be part of the royal family. For the moment it is hoped that the monarch’s diagnosis can be easy to handle, and that he will soon emerge victorious from the entire situation.

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