Hilda Tenorio and Paola San Román, the Mexican bullfighters who have made history – El Sol de México

Over the course of 78 years, the arena of Monumental Bullring Mexico has been marked by bullfighting legends and outstanding characters who have earned an important place in the venue that is the biggest in the world.

Part of this history has been written by the bullfighters Hilda Tenorio and Paola San Román, who have been responsible for breaking the paradigms of this sport that is carried out by men. Both will be presented this Friday at the Insurgentes Arena in a female posterwhere it is also found Rocio Morelliwho confirms alternative.

“For all bullfighters, this reopening is very significant, because it is like starting from scratch. In particular I feel a good vibessince this exclusively female poster will mark a new beginning in the arena, with these alternatives of which I am godmotherthis is welcoming two women “who seek to create their own history in the arena,” he said. the matador Hilda Tenorio to El Sol de México.

In the history of world bullfighting, there are only 16 bullfighters; the female foray into the bullfighting world It was in 1680 and during all this time the opening of women’s bullfighting has not been so positive, however, these success stories have demonstrated that the “women can too”.

“We are talking about many years in which only very few women have managed to be bullfighters, and this has been for a bump that was had in the history; and it is that in Spainwomen were prohibited from bullfighting for 70 years until 1972. Spain is the birthplace of bullfightingand everything that happens there talking about bullfighting issues, has a certain impact on Mexicoand I think this has influenced it,” explained Tenorio, who has performed 16 times in the plaza.

The matador started very young, at 13 years old, and in a world where the role of women in society only developed in the home or in very specific professions, “it has been complicated as in any beginning of something, no one believed in me, but you yourself are in charge of breaking with that and removing the ghosts that the people of the sexism. My introduction as a calf player was at the age of 15, and after that moment I think I began to lose the taboos”Shared Tenorio.

Despite having achieved his alternativeand that times have changed, Hilda recognizes that the situation and visibility of women’s bullfighting is still complicated.

“Right now it is still difficult but there is more opening“The proof is in this women’s poster, and I believe that my work has served to pave the way for the following generations behind me, to make it easier for them, I know that we have to continue fighting to show that women can,” she commented. Tenorio.

Lawyer by professionHilda pursued her dreams and at this moment in her life, she feels fulfilled and fulfilled, “I have left behind a position in the Supreme Court of Justice “To fulfill my dream in the ring, it is a passion that I carry in my blood and I think that women should think more about ourselves and what makes us happy.”

As for all bullfighting, the Plaza Mexico has a special meaning, for Tenorio it is his home, because here he debuted as novillera and step on it again, it is a unique moment, “I have a spatial affection for it, this era that the square is experiencing is very special, it gives us a lot of openness, and I think the most beautiful thing is to earn your own place in the arena with your knowledge do”, he concluded.

This bullfight is also very special for the young bullfighter. Paola San Romanas she will confirm her alternative, “I am very happy and excited with the reopening and more because I confirm the alternative, it has been a work and effort of years, which finally has its reward and what better than this one,” she said.

Paola, you have taurine blood in his veinsis the granddaughter of matador Ernesto San Román “El Queretano”, daughter of Ernesto San Román and niece of Jorge San Román“This runs in the family, I remember that they started training me from the age of eight and I fought my first bullfight at the age of ten, and everything has been a guided path but in the end, I have trained it,” he explained.

And despite coming from a family of matadors, San Román does not believe that the world of bullfighting is a profession exclusively for men, “the bull does not distinguish between gender or age, rather I believe that people have forged certain expectations in as for the sports that they are mostly carried out by menbut I believe that all perspectives can change, seeing yourself, knowing your work and what you are doing,” he explained.

Throughout his short trajectoryhas faced difficulties not only in social issues, but also in health and setbacks that are “hazards of the job, now I am recovering from an injury I had last season and each wound or scar is a lesson to improve more and more, to forge your own character of how to face obstacles,” he explained. .

In the world of bullfighting, there are many beliefs, superstitions and myths, which for Paola, do not have much relevance, “I think that each bullfighter has his own beliefs, and rituals before going out into the ring. In my case, I am just believer in god and in me, only your self-confidence will make you go as far as you can imagine,” he concluded.

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