They claim that King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia no longer live together in Zarzuela

A close member of the spanish royalty has given indications of the rumor that the king Philip VI and the Queen Letizia They no longer live together nor live together within Zarzuela. These statements come amid the ravages of the monarch’s infidelity scandal towards the Head of State, causing all kinds of speculation in the country’s media.

The Spanish portal ‘El Nacional de Cataluña’ has stated that the arrival of Froilan Girlsthe son of the Infanta Elena to Spain, has exposed the cessation of coexistence between Kings Felipe and Letizia.

Apparently, Froilán, who was in the United Arab Emirates For more than a year, he has realized that the kings no longer live together in Zarzuela. This was announced by the aforementioned media, arguing that at this time there is total distancing inside the Royal House.

El Nacional assures that Froilán’s arrival also confirms that Letizia has lost power within Operettasince she kept Infanta Elena’s son away after the corruption scandal that affected the emeritus Juan Carlos Yo.

All the rumors suggest that Felipe and Letizia only maintain a Romance institutional; that is, based solely on their interests and the image they must provide as the main members of the Spanish royal family.

As argued in ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’, the king Philip VI He hasn’t stayed overnight at the Royal House for several weeks and would prefer to go out at night with his friends from Madrid.

For its part, the Queen Letizia stays in Zarzuela every day, whose image has been seriously affected after the harsh statements made by his former brother-in-law stating that they both had a Romance while she was already engaged to Felipe.

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