The unexpected decision of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia about their marriage after the infidelity scandal

He king Philip VI and the Queen Letizia have undoubtedly been the main victims of the infidelity scandal disclosed by Jaime del Burgo, where he claims that the monarch had an affair with him and had planned to separate from his wife, as well as other details are revealed that place Mrs. Ortiz as a “woman of arms.” However, the kings have now made an unexpected decision in the midst of the conflict.

The famous Spanish journalist Pilar Eyre has given great coverage to the controversial rumors of a possible infidelity from Queen Letizia to King Felipe VI. Of course, she has made it very clear that until now she knew about that alleged affair with Jaime del Burgo, expressing in turn the damage that this could have done to Zarzuela.

And it is precisely in that aspect where many are now focusing, since apparently the kings have already made an unexpected decision in the midst of all the scandal.

Eyre stated that these rumors although they have further destabilized the marriage between Felipe and Letizia, will not produce any type of separation or worse, a divorce.

Pilar is sure that Letizia and Felipe have made an unexpected decision about their marriage: where any other couple would have decided to break up or file for divorce, the current couple kings of Spain have chosen to continue together and above all, continue acting as the perfect couple in front of the cameras and public opinion, as they have done in their most recent appearances.

Christmas in Operetta this year have been totally different, since this scandal has completely taken over the image of Spanish royalty while the king emeritus Juan Carlos Yo He was also implicated as one of those allegedly responsible for divulging the alleged secrets of the queen Letizia.

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