These are some new details you can know about Suga from BTS

As part of his promise, suga of the renowned group BTS continues to share different types of content for all his fans now that he is carrying out his mandatory military process in South Korea, and for this December 26, the famous Idol has shared a new episode of his program “Suchwita”.

As we are accustomed to, Suga has brought a new guest and it was none other than the talented artist UIwho for a few hours has been trending in the media and social networks, as he announced the launch of his next mini album, which will consist of five or six songs, and as always the Idol had an excellent conversation with his guest revealing some new ones details that perhaps not even his fans knew.

Getting into the conversation a little more, Suga revealed details such as that He wants to grow old with his fans, because he has been very attached to them since he began his musical career, so he does not want to lose them at any time. At the same time, he also expressed that he is constantly thinking about the ARMY, since they have been the ones who have pushed him to be better every day and become the great person and artist that he is now.

Another of the fun things he revealed was that he himself thinks he has a slightly scary physique or appearance, as if he were the villain of a movie, since the shape of his hair and the look of his eyes makes many people believe that he is always angry or with a bad attitude. He also highlighted the relationship he has with IU, taking advantage of the fact that she was there, since he commented that he likes being with her, because he feels that she is like his sister and every time they have time to be together their energy is unique and different, and It feels like they know they can be themselves by being up front.

Below we will leave you the complete interview so you can take a look:

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