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If you’re BBVA client you should know that next year, the bank commissions will apply for cash withdrawals to their own clients.

Yes, as you read correctly, the financial institution now will also charge its own cardholders for withdrawing money from their ATMs.

It is for the above reason that today we let you know what the commissions will be charged for 2024.

How much will be the commissions that BBVA will charge its clients?

By 2024, BBVA establishes that each of its clients You will be entitled to four withdrawals per month for free and avoid charging for “membership.”

  • From fifth monthly withdrawal, the bank will charge you 34 pesos.
  • From ninth monthly withdrawal, the bank will charge you 62 pesos.

If you are from another bank, the collection of commissions is as follows:

  • By cash withdrawal, the bank will charge you 29.50 pesos.
  • By balance inquiry, the bank will charge you 11 pesos

How to avoid charging the withdrawal commission at BBVA?

If you want to avoid the above charges, BBVA offers you the “Cardless Withdrawal” option that is made from your bank’s mobile application.

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Users must generate their codes that can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash instead of using plastic and thus not have to pay the new commissions.

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