They allege that Nicki Nicole cheated on Featherweight with her manager

After the recent news that Nicki Nicole she would have been cheated on by her boyfriend Featherweightafter a video went viral in which he is seen holding hands with another woman, now a new video would make it alleged that the Argentine woman had also been unfaithful to him with her own manager.

A social network user xformerly known as Twitter, published a video in which you can see Nicki holding the hand of her manager, in a possible act of infidelity.

The video shows Nicki arriving at an airport, apparently holding his manager’s handuntil a camera captures them and she decides to drop her suitcase and go talk to the media and fans who were waiting for her at the place.

According to the Internet user: ‘The Argentine would have first cheated on Featherweight, and in order not to look like a ‘cuckold’ in front of his fans, he was seen holding hands with a girl, because if he wanted to be unfaithful he could do it with much more discretion‘.

You can see here the video that is trending on social networks:

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