They predict that Kate Middleton would have a few months to live

A famous tarot reader assures that the health of the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton is at a critical moment, since it predicts that the wife of the prince william He would have only a few months to live due to his illness. cancerwhich was diagnosed following the abdominal operation she had last January.

The popular Cuban psychic Mhoni Vidente has made a terrifying prediction, ensuring that The Princess of Wales would only have about 9 months left lifesince his cancer would be very advanced.

Unfortunately, I don’t give the Princess of Wales more than 9 months to a year to live.“Kate Middleton,” said the famous psychic.

At the same time, he assured that Kate’s current condition is already serious, because the cancer It has allegedly spread throughout his stomach.

Kate’s situation is very seriousand the cancer is completely invading her, from the stomach to the intestine,” he said.

The Princess of Wales was in charge of announcing to the world about her cancer. She went through a video published by Kensington Palace where he revealed his condition, ensuring that he is currently receiving the preventive chemotherapy as a method to try to eradicate the terrible condition.

As a result of this, Kate Middleton took the opportunity to ask for privacy, so the royalty He has not issued any further statements regarding his current state of health.

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