ILLIT share a new teaser for their song, “Lucky Girl Syndrome”

ILLIT has garnered thousands of fans since his last musical release ‘Magnetic‘, the catchy song that began to trend on social networks, and new fans couldn’t wait to have the next content that the female group has to offer. Fortunately, the time has come to show all his talents with his new upcoming release.

The girls are using the upward momentum of their fame to launch a new music video teaser for his new song “Lucky Girl Syndrome“. The music video has a unique aesthetic that comes with a bubbly concept about how lucky the Idols are.

ILLIT’s new teaser promises an enchanting melody that fits perfectly with the vibrant energy of spring. The song shines on its own as the featured B-side of her successful debut mini album named ‘Super Real Me‘.

Fans can’t wait until the girls release the music video and perform the song live. Previously, ILLIT earned the number 1 spot in ‘Show! Music Core‘ because of his carchy bop. The music video for ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ is scheduled to be released next April 17thso it’s only a matter of days for fans who want to hear this new release.

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