Morenistas and MC supporters fight during debate in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco – El Sol de México

Supporters of Citizen movement and Brunette They came to blows in the mmunicipality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jaliscowhile a debate between the candidates and the candidate for the municipal presidency took place on television.

Bottles, blows and verbal confrontations occurred on Unidas Avenue in the municipality of Zapopan where the Quiero TV television station is located.

The supporters of both parties shouted, insulted, threw bottles and stones, which generated chaos on the avenue while their candidates: Laura Imelda Pérez, of the Let’s Keep Making History coalition, Citlalli Amaya of MC and Efrain Cortes, of Strength and Heart presented their proposals.

The candidate of the Let’s Keep Making History coalition, Laura Imelda Pérez Segura he wrote on his social networks.

“When reason does not assist them, violence is their only recourse. Today the Citizen Movement showed that it has no limits and uses violence to cling to power. We will present the corresponding criminal complaints for the injuries caused to colleagues.”

For her part, the MC candidate, Citlalli Amaya, She did not comment on the facts, she only emphasized that she was the winner of the debate.

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“We make it clear that we want the best for Tlaquepaque. With the best proposals, all the commitment and my experience, I am convinced that we are going to achieve the Tlaquepaque that we deserve,” she said on her X account.

Note published in El Occidental

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