This is what Lady Di did before becoming Princess of Wales

The arrival of lady Gave to the British royal family left an unprecedented impact on the history of the crown. There is no doubt that the deceased Princess Diana She is the most important royal member in history, who despite her death left an indelible legacy that allowed her to earn the nickname “the people’s princess.” However, Diana had a more ordinary life before becoming royalty, having held several jobs that many women have regularly.

According to biographers of the princess of Welshbefore becoming part of the Windsor circle and formalizing her marriage with the then the prince CarlosLady Di was educated academically at the Institut Alpin Videmanette, and then returned to London and dedicated herself to a whole series of jobs that left her little income.

The late Princess Diana was dedicated to several jobs such as: dance instructor for young, assistant in a preschool kindergarten, babysitter for an important American family and kindergarten teacher assistant at the Young England School in Pimlico.

Thus, it is shown that Diana was an ordinary woman before meeting the now king of the Kingdom Unitedwhose love story ended in a tragic way and was consolidated with his unfortunate death.

Despite this, the memory of Lady Di continues to inspire millions of people around the world. Her mark on society has even allowed various foundations to bear her name in honor of her, as a kind of tribute to the great contributions she left by allowing us to show the most human and real side that society has had. british monarchy throughout its history.

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