Clothes used by Stray Kids are auctioned and cause outrage

On April 9, the popular band Stray Kidswhich together with the collaboration of SLBSa renowned brand of cell phone cases whose ambassadors are, participated in a fansign In Japan, the event took place without any problem and everything was orderly and without altercations, however, what would come next has caused disgust and annoyance in the STAY (Stray Kids fandom).

After the fan signing ended, some of the fans noticed unusual activity on the part of SLBS after the band and the staff of JYP Entertainment left the place, and it was here where many began to report that SLBS had organized a secret auction in a vulgar way where they planned to sell all the clothing and implements used by the members of the group in said fansign.

The social networks of both SLBS and JYP Entertainment began to fill with accusations and criticism due to the unexpected and unethical act, however, those responsible issued a long statement through the networks apologizing for everything that happened, and confirming that they had done it without the consent from both Stray Kids and JYP.

In its statement, SLBS accepted the blame and confirmed to the public that he had recovered the items, clothing and so on and had refunded the money to the buyers. Now, as expected, the outraged internet users They ask the record agency in charge of the kids what cancel all commercial activity with this company.

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