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Christian Nodal used his social networks to tell fans that would have suffered from an accident in which he ended up dislocating his jawpossibly during the recording of a music video.

It was on his broadcast channel on his Instagram account (@nodal) where he has been very active in recent days and has told how he has been in various music video recordings.

Last April 11 In the messages he sent you can read:

“Hello how are you? Everthing is good here. I tell you that my jaw was dislocated. Has it happened to you?” He pointed out to the fans.

His message with the information about his jaw had more than six thousand reactionsmost of them from worryso their fan clubs and several of his followers questioned whether he was in good health.

By Thursday night and only a few hours from confessing the problem with his jaw, a new message from Nodal appeared what does it say: “They already fixed it for me”and then overcome the issue by putting a laughing expression and announce that concluded the recordings of his third music video. Along with this she placed some emojis of a golfer.

For this one April 12th, Christian Nodal decided to send an audio to the broadcast channelin which He sent greetings to all his fans and expresses how much he loves them, in addition to making several announcements:

“We are going to have music all year long and now we are on the third video, we are already on the fourth today, collaborations are also going to come, but so wait. After May, every month we are going to have new songs, from now until it runs out, everywhere,” Nodal expressed. “Now he is coming, the Outlaw is back.”

Christian Nodal and his image change

Regarding his music, Christian Nodal He is preparing for his new tour called “Pa’l Cora“, being also the name of your new album which is expected to come out sale in the month of May.

Within the dates you already have scheduled, in Mexico there are only two in Monterrey and GuadalajaraBesides that will visit Europe for three concerts in Spain in July.

As part of the new promotion of his album, Christian Nodal decided to change his image and in the latest images that he has shared on networks you can see how the tattoos on his face have been removed with makeup to give it a more casual and youthful image.

Christian Nodal has shown his preference for announcing various details of what is coming regarding his music in his Instagram broadcast channel. To be part of it and receive the messages you just have to log into your account (@nodal) and find the link with the name of the group which is “OUTLAWS”.

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