Timothée Chalamet was exposed at Kim Kardashian’s Christmas party

It is no secret to anyone that currently the renowned actor Timothée Chalamet the famous model Kylie Jenner They are sharing one of the most loving celebrity relationships in recent times, since on different occasions both have publicly shown themselves very affectionate, giving each other kisses and hugs, showing the world how much they love each other.

However, since it is a new relationship, many were worried that the actor was not invited to the recent Christmas party he held. kim kardashian to accompany his sister, and although neither of the two celebrities gave any clues that they would be together at it, a recent photo has revealed that Timothée Chalamet was present at said celebration.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the actor was at said party in the middle of his romance with Kylie Jenner, as the renowned Landon Baker published a photograph of the BLINK-182 drummer, and behind them you could clearly see the singer of ‘Wonka‘. Many speculations were created around this photograph, since the actor did not appear in any official photo of the famous Kardashian celebration; However, he seemed to be present in an elegant black suit while accompanying his new lover.

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