Queen Letizia was arrested for possession and consumption of illicit substances when she was 23 years old

The Queen Letizia was arduously investigated by his father-in-law, the king emeritus Juan Carlos Yowho discovered that the former journalist He had a somewhat turbulent past where he even consumed illicit substances. All this is brought to light in the midst of the infidelity scandal that is plaguing the monarch and that has caused enormous controversy around the Spanish royal family.

The book ‘Letizia and I’ by Jaime Penafiel has left havoc on the image and reputation of the queen, however, there was another book that also left controversial revelations about the controversial Iberian monarch.

The emeritus Juan Carlos, as he did with all of his son’s other partners, investigated in detail the past of Doña Letizia, discovering that during her university years she was detained. This secret was revealed in the book ‘Letizia Ortiz: a republican in the court of Juan Carlos’, written by the Catalan journalist Isidre Cunill and where the public managed to find out about that controversy.

There, it is reported that the queen consumed narcotic substances during his student years. The book details that during her period at the institute, she began a relationship with the teacher Alonso Guerrero Perez and was arrested for possession of hashish and other illegal substances.

The king emeritus Juan Carlos Yo He has never loved or gotten along with Letizia. And although currently he is the one who is exiledmust see in a good light the scandal in which her daughter-in-law is now mired.

«controversial and controversial before the public opinion in general, which awakens among her future subjects contradictory feelings and passions that range from love to hate, from admiration to envy, from rejection to media submission,” they describe the queen in Isidre Cunill’s book.

The Queen Letizia never issued statements denying said rumor, he is doing the same with the current accusations of infidelity, so it has not yet been possible to confirm whether these accusations are real or not.

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