Top 5 of the most handsome South Korean actors in the world today

The entertainment industry South Korea, including its actors, have gained notable recognition on the current global scene. There are a large number of performers who now have great fans all over the planet, so now a list has been drawn up with the actors of South Korea most handsome today.

Based on a list made by the kmmediathe 5 most handsome South Korean actors today have been listed.

Several of them star in some of the K-Dramas most popular among fans, so they are quite recognized stars in the entertainment industry.

Top 5 most handsome actors in South Korea:

1: Chan Eun – woo

2: Lee Jong-suk

3: Hwang In-yeop

4: Song Joong-ki

5: Song Kang

And you, do you agree with the list of the 5 most handsome south korean actors currently?

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