TWS sparks debate by toppling IU with debut song ‘Plot Twist’ on music charts

The new male musical band HYBE, TWSdebuted on January 22 with his mini album ‘Sparking Blue‘and in less than 1 month his theme’Plot Twist‘, has managed to position itself in the highest positions on the different South Korean music charts, which has surprised millions of fans of the K-Pop and has made a few others doubt.

Lately, the TWS boys have been being mentioned by South Korean Internet users, and this February 12, they have managed to overthrow UI in the rankings, who was on a winning streak with his song ‘Love Wins All‘, TWS’ agency was previously being accused of manipulating chart results, as ‘Plot Twist’ reached the top 10 of the prestigious US charts. Melon in a very short time.

Now, the song has managed to position itself at #1 on Bugs Musicso TWS currently generates debates for the different K-Forums of the web, where some suspect that the group is possibly cheating, however, many others assure that this is not the case, and that the topic has achieved these milestones thanks to the talent and charisma of the boys.

“Did they beat IU + V? Impossible”, “nah, it’s not possible that rookies can beat a veteran like IU”, “I feel like someone is moving chips under the table”, “I haven’t heard your comment.” song, but these results make me curious, I’ll go listen to it”, “I think your song is very good, if you have given up to overthrow IU”, “now, these rookies are monstrous”, were some of the comments who were discussing the incredible performance of ‘Plot Twist’.

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