TXT’s Yeonjun performs his own ‘3D’ performance of BTS’s Jungkook

Recently, between the night of December 24 and 25, the incredible event took place SBS Daejeonwhere Yeonjun of TXT He stole the attention and won the hearts of all the fans with a slightly particular presentation that no one expected.

With a wonderful costume, the famous Idol caused the cheers of those present at the event when the Intro of ‘3D‘ of Jungkook from BTS, because of all the excellent songs that his group TXT has, the South Korean singer chose one of the most famous singles from one of his colleagues, which has made history.

His dance steps were the most notable, as his performance was almost identical to that of the music video of the original song, but with a unique touch that only Yeonjun could give it. As expected, the Idol choreography became a trend on social networks, since its impact and performance managed to reach any corner of the planet.

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