Usher alleges that BTS’s Jungkook is like Michael Jackson

In recent days, the singer Usher has stated with complete confidence that for him, the artist Jungkook of the KPop group, BTS, is like the iconic Michael Jackson.

The reasons the artist had to affirm his thoughts were several. First of all, Usher states that the two stars compared began to demonstrate his talent from a very early age. On the other hand, he explained that both Michael as the member of bts They have reinvented the world of music with their innovative interpretations and staging that demonstrates their commitment to their fans. But there was also something special that the American stated.

According to his words, when he wanted to be part of Golden Maknae’s songStanding Next to You‘, the dance steps that the Idol performed made him remember when he once danced with Michael, performing a very similar performance.

So you could say that for the ‘Yeah’ performer at the moment, that is, in the 21st century, Jungkook is the new Michael Jackson of the timeand it should be noted that other people have already expressed it in the same way.

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