What happened to an ARMY when V got tired of being associated with Jungkook

On some occasion, a ARMY was commenting on the relationship that supposedly exists between the members of BTS, V and Jungkookand what happened to him honestly could have left anyone speechless.

It is no secret to anyone that for years it has been rumored that there is a relationship between two other singers, and a code word has even been created to refer to this, ‘Taekook‘, and through different social networks such as TikTok and X, many videos and images show that something is happening between the two, although neither they nor the agency that represents them have reported anything official.

But on one occasion it was observed that V, or also known as Kim Taehyung, he was really tired of being linked and acted in a somewhat forceful way against an ARMY. The fan stalked the Idol when he told him that ‘If you wanted to fall asleep faster and fall asleep, you should look at the photos of Jungkook, who you love‘.

V, maybe a little overwhelmed With the situation, I take the time to respond by saying ‘Get that out of your imagination now, that’s not right there‘. Clearly, the moment became a little awkward, but the fan did not refer to the topic again at that moment, because as could be understood, V’s words were very clear.

The really true thing is that, although nothing has ever been reported, the Idols have behaviors among themselves that would make one think that they are in a relationship, and far from being something that can be criticized, even the fans themselves would love make this a reality and just like now, they would still support them.

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