Kate Middleton will show Meghan Markle that she still has ‘a lot of power’

The royal family, and especially Kate Middleton and the actress Meghan Markle, They have been going through a few tense weeks due to the statements made by Omid Scobie in the ‘Endgame’ book, where it was stated that the Princess of Cambridge and King Charles III were the people who made racist comments against the Prince Archie’s skin color.

And although these statements have had a negative impact on Kate, she is willing to show that she is still has much more power than Meghan and she will do it the way she knows best, according to a royal expert and celebrity stylist.

The stylist Marian Kwei He recently stated that the princess is preparing to make some really attractive appearances this Christmas, and with this she will demonstrate that the statements that have been made against her have not affected her at all and that she still has a personality worth respecting.

Kate Middleton is sending strong messages with her looks in relation to the attacks on her in the book ‘Endgame’ and will continue to do so until Christmas Day, and also New Year’s Day‘, he also added that: ‘The princess wants to convey at this moment that her image is still worthy of respect and you have control over everything that is currently happening‘.

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