Where to send a card of support to Kate Middleton after her cancer announcement

Since its recent operation in January, Kate Middleton has become the center of attention of many global media, and even more so now, after the Wale’s princess announced last March that she had been diagnosed with cancer and that she is receiving the respective treatments for her recovery.

Of course, all this commotion has caused followers of the British royals to show their support for the princess, as recently happened when the queen Camilla Parker visited the cityand Shrewsburywhere she confessed that Kate Middleton was very happy to receive messages of support, posters, gifts and cards from her millions of followers who repeatedly come to leave these details for the princess.

If you are one of these people who wants send a card of support to Kate after her announcementdon’t lose faith, because you can do it, since on April 6, an X user shared a brief statement revealing that he had sent a letter and that he even received a response from the Princess of Wales.

If you have the courage and desire to do so, the addresses to send letters and messages of love and support to Kate Middleton are: “HRH The Princess of Wales, Clarence House, London SW1A 1BA United King“. It should be noted that the princess, like her husband and her children, live in Windsor, her base in London is Kensington Palace, so they can also use the address “Kensington Palace London W8 4PU“.

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