Health rules out locally transmitted measles infections in Mexico – El Sol de México

Ruy López, undersecretary of the federal Ministry of Health (SSA) reported that Mexico is free of measles, given that no contagion has occurred endemically, that is, transmitted locally.

He mentioned that the four cases detected in the country come from abroad, so they are kept isolated and under corresponding surveillance.

This Friday the SSA, together with the IMSS-BIENESTAR, the ISSSTE, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the CDMX Health Secretariat and the PEMEX hospital services presented the “Campaign to recover vaccination coverage with emphasis on the prevention of measles, rubella and poliomyelitis”, which seeks to apply more than nine million doses in the country between April 1 and May 31.

At the event, held at the National Pediatric Institute, it was reported that the campaign seeks to implement all those vaccines that were not applied during the Covid-19 pandemic and that, throughout the world, have caused new cases to arise. of infectious diseases such as measles or polio.

Although it was reported that Mexico continues to be classified internationally as a measles-free country, it was warned that new cases may continue to arrive from abroad due to tourism and international trade, which is why health authorities emphasized the need to keep these vaccines up to date.

To date, the Ministry of Health has identified more than 800 probable cases of measles in the country, although all have been ruled out, reported Ruy López.

“There is no locally transmitted measles yet in the country,” he noted.

Likewise, it was warned that another risk is poliomyelitis, given that cases have already been found in the United States, all of them derived from the oral vaccine that is no longer applied in Mexico.

“We are not exempt from polio returning as well, they warned.

They ask that patients be pressured to present a card and get vaccinated

The director of the INP, Mercedes Macías, emphasized the importance of vaccination and its help in reducing diseases such as rotavirus, meningitis, whooping cough, cervical cancer or the impact of Covid-19.

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“The impact of vaccines is only comparable to drinking water,” he highlighted.

For his part, the representative of IMSS-BIENESTAR, Manuel Cervantes Ocampo, assured that this recovery campaign is a sign that, unlike in past times, “the health sector is unified.”

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