Teodoro Gorostieta, uncle of the candidate for federal representative, Gaby Gorostieta, was murdered in Jiutepec – El Sol de México

Teodoro Gorostieta, uncle of Gabriela Gorostieta, candidate for federal deputy of the second district by the PAN-PRI-RPD-RSP coalition, He was murdered Thursday night. outside the tent located in the Progreso neighborhood, in Jiutepec, Morelos.

These events occur less than 24 hours after the candidate for mayor of Xochitepec for the Labor Party, Rodolfo Tapia, suffered an attack while driving his vehicle.

So far in the electoral process, the coalition made up of these parties has suffered at least one attack against the candidate for mayor of Cuautla, Jesús Corona Damián, and the murder of the candidate for a local council, Giovanni Lezama.

The crime against Teodoro Gorostieta was confirmed by the State Attorney General’s Office, who detailed that, after the report of firearm detonations on Emiliano Zapata Street, the lifeless bodies of two men were located in a black Infiniti brand vehicle, with Guerrero license plates; one of them was identified as Teodoro Gorostieta, uncle of the candidate for federal deputyship.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that the experts secured various ballistic evidence for study and investigation, while the agents carried out investigative work in the area to identify the person or persons responsible for these acts of violence.

The attack against Teodoro occurs in a week marked by violence in the state of Morelos where 36 murders have been recorded from Friday, April 5 to Thursday, April 11.

So far in the electoral process, the state of Morelos has added one candidate candidate murdered in the case of former Cuautla councilor Geovanni Lezama, as well as two attacks in less than a month on the same number of candidates, Jesús Corona Damián, candidate for mayor of Cuautla for the same coalition, and recently against Rodolfo Tapia, candidate for the mayor of Xochitepec for the Labor Party (PT). The latter two were unharmed.

Violence against democracy: Lucy Meza

After the events, the candidate for state governor for the Dignity and security coalition for Morelos, let’s all condemn the crime and demanded the intervention of federal authorities.

Through a press release, the candidate Lucy Meza and the leaders of the parties that make up the coalition (PRI, PAN, PRD and Redes Sociales Progresistas) demanded the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior, the National Electoral Institute, the Secretariat of the National Defense, the Attorney General’s Office and the National Guard, “to put a stop to criminals who, with total impunity, attack democracy.

Since the electoral process began, we demand that the state government and the Impepac Electoral Council guarantee minimum security conditions to carry out electoral campaigns without any risk. However, it is evident that the state authorities do not have the slightest interest in containing this climate of violence, which could even inhibit citizen participation in the June 2 elections.

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The omissions, negligence and manifest hostility against the opposition candidates by the government of Cuauhtémoc Blanco and specifically the State Public Security Commission, headed by José Ortiz Guarneros, have generated the conditions conducive to the murder of our candidate local deputy, Giovanni Lezama; for the attack suffered by our candidate for the municipal presidency of Cuautla, Jesús Corona, and for the cunning murder of our colleague Teodoro Gorostieta, to name just some of the acts of violence that have occurred within the framework of the current electoral process.”

Likewise, he assures that violence against the candidates, as well as their teams, strains the electoral political environment in Morelos. “and puts democracy and citizen participation on June 2 under a worrying threat.”

Note published in The Sun of Cuernavaca

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