Will BTS’ Jungkook appear on the Super Bowl Halftime Show alongside Usher tonight?

¿Jungkook in the Super Bowl? Today the famous American singer and dancer Usher will be in charge of giving the halftime show at the Super Bowl 2024 from Las Vegas, state Joined. There, a rumor has now emerged that the Kpop idol and member of bts could appear at the event, thanks to some details that have leaked on the Internet.

Through an interview that Usher had on January 18 with the magazine Voguethe artist stated that his halftime show will be a kind of celebration of his 30-year career.

However, the singer He did not rule out the possibility of having some companions in the small 15-minute concert that maintains very high expectations among fans.

Thank you your statements and other theories disclosed in the networks socialhe ARMY of BTS now contemplates the possibility that the Golden Maknae appear at half time. And although they know that the Idol is doing his military service, there is hope that a fragment of his remix with Usher of the song ‘Standing Next To You’ will appear at the event.

But the hopes may have very solid bases, since Usher included the South Korean artist in the official trailer of its Super Bowl, which premiered on January 14. The Halftime Show preview offers a glimpse into the camaraderie between Usher and Jungkook, featuring a TikTok behind the scenes from the set of the official music video for ‘Standing Next to You’.

For these reasons, rumors of an appearance of Jungkook of bts at the halftime show Super Bowl 2024 They are pretty solid, so the ARMY will tune in to this event tonight.

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