Taylor Swift arrives in Los Angeles to see Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl – El Sol de México

Against all pessimistic predictions, Taylor Swift managed to get to Las Vegas, Nevada, this Sunday to be at the Super Bowl LVIII and support your boyfriend Travis Kelceplayer of the Kansas City.

The singer literally traveled back in time from Japan until Las Vegas to witness the exciting final of the American football, which will take place this Sunday in it Allegiant Stadium.

Swift flew in his private jet after giving four concerts that drove his fans in the East crazy.

Despite being 8962 km away and 17 hours difference between both countries, Taylor is already in USA.

Fans of the star doubted that she would be able to arrive in time to see the sporting event, since the singer offered a concert in Tokyo on February 10 at night and the time zones meant that the interpreter of “Anti-Hero” will arrive on time USA.

But the Pennsylvania singer He raced against the clock and to make sure that nothing prevented him from being with Travis Kelce On this important day, he prepared a second plane of the Vistajet company backup, with everything and a team of mechanics in the airports to make sure everything would work out.

Nervousness and the expectation of the media to know if Taylor Swift would or would not reach Super Bowl caused even the Japanese Embassy in the United States released a statement to ensure that it was entirely possible that Swift will arrive in time to see the game.

“Despite the 12-hour flight and the 17-hour time difference, the Embassy can say now with confidence, that if you leave Tokyo in the evening, after his concert, he should arrive comfortably in Las Vegas, before the start of the superbowl“, reads X’s publication.

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