Winter from aespa undergoes surgery after a serious diagnosis

Just a few hours ago, lovers of the KPop genre and followers of the renowned group aespa received unexpected and worrying news after it was reported that Winter, from the girl group, underwent urgent surgery after a serious event that the Idol went through.

According to an exclusive report from the media Tenasiaon April 11, the famous singer underwent a pneumothorax or collapsed lung surgery, from which today he is recovering in one of the best hospitals in Seoul. This serious diagnosis occurs when the air that the person breathes becomes leaks into a space between the chest cavity and the lungcausing air to push into the lung, causing partial or total collapse of this important organ.

It should be noted that this took more than one Idol follower by surprise, and that Winter is having her best personal moment as a group, however, she will have to put all that aside and focus on recovering, since pneumothorax surgery requires of two or three days of hospitalization and then two months of recovery.

This would lead to Idol having to postpone many of its planned activities, including aespa’s comeback, which is meant to be in May. So far, it is expected that SM Entertainment give an update on what happened to the singer and how her recovery process is going, as that is the only thing fans are asking for right now.

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