ZEROBASEONE announces their third mini-album

It is undeniable that the boys in the band ZEROBASEONEhave been gaining strong relevance in the K-Pop industry, and they have not only demonstrated that they have plenty of talent with their great success.CRUSH‘, but they have also provided high expectations to all ZEROSE (ZEROBASEONE fandom) with the recent announcement of their next album.

This April 13, the group’s official social networks They published a new image quite direct that revealed the name of his next mini-album of study, being ‘You Had Me at HELLO‘ the title that will mark the return of the boys with their sensational music and that will be presented exactly one month from now, the may 13th of this year.

But there is even more, since while you wait a few weeks for their long-awaited album, the band also prepared a new simple called ‘SWEAT‘ which will be released tomorrow, with this its fans hope that their favorite Idols achieve new recognitions in the different lists of the industry.

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