Luis Alonso García Corrales, candidate for mayor of Culiacán, disappears – El Sol de México

Before losing contact with Luis Alonso García Corrales, he was detained by elements of the State Police, revealed the former president of the Sinaloense Party (PAS), Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda.

Cuen Ojeda said that this data was provided by a person close to the party.

The founder of the local political force specified that García Corrales was last seen this Saturday at 8 in the morning on Las Torres Boulevard, almost upon reaching the extension of Álvaro Obregón Avenue.

“We have already spoken with the governor, we know that he is responsible for safeguarding our physical integrity as people and we cannot allow this type of situation. There is great concern, not only on our part, but also on the part of the family members,” he said.

Cuen Ojeda did not presume that this was a deprivation of liberty against García Corrales and demanded that the authorities use the data he stated to locate him.

During the press conference, Cuen was accompanied by the local leaders of the PRD, PAS and the state presidents of the PRI and PAN.

There was a moment when he gave his voice to Paola Garate, leader of the tricolor, since he received a call from Governor Rubén Rocha Moya.

The latter published on his social networks that after the report of the disappearance of the candidate for the council and his neighbor, he instructed the Ministry of Public Security to start an operation and requested the support of federal authorities such as the FGR and SEDENA

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