They warn of threats against candidates in Nuevo León – El Sol de México

Candidates from the coalition of the Institutional Revolutionary (PRI), National Action (PAN) and the Democratic Revolution (PRD) parties suspended political events as they were threatened at gun and knife pointrevealed Adrián de la Garza, candidate for mayor of Monterrey, who asked for security and governability from the state authorities.

The candidate of the “Fuerza y ​​Corazón X México” coalition considered that These threats go with what happened last Friday in the municipality of El Carmenwhere there was a stroke in which she was unharmed Graciela Villarreal, Morena-Green Party candidate for that mayor’s office.

Adrián de la Garza said that the situation is worrying and although he declined to reveal names, he announced that the possibility of report cases of threats.

“We have candidates, candidates also from Monterrey who have been suffering persecution, harassment and threats in the streets, I have to say, especially candidates for local and federal deputies, I will respect their names, they have been harassed and threatened” , he added.

De la Garza commented on some of the situations that have occurred during the campaign: “Each one has been different, one of the cases reached the point where a person came and showed them a gun and told them not to campaign in that place, let him go

“Elsewhere, in another sector, here in Monterrey, they might have pulled out a knife, and told them: stop campaigning in that sector.”

The candidate for mayor of Monterrey attributed the political violence to the existing polarization and lack of governability.

“We have been seeing for some time with great concern the polarization of society here in Nuevo León. The lack of governance has polarized the population a little and allows passions to overflow on the electoral issue,” added the candidate.

Adrián de la Garza asked the state government to generate governability and security for electoral processes: “Let the governor be very clear that we are not going to stop campaigning, we are not going to stop the candidates from exercising the right that we have and that they know that citizens on June 2 are going to come out en masse to vote in favor of democracy “.

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