310 migrants receive humanitarian support in seven municipalities of Veracruz – El Sol de México

A total of 310 migrants of different nationalities received humanitarian support in seven municipalities of Veracruz, after being located by elements of the Ministry of Public Security and the Civil Force.

The official report provided by the SSP indicates that they were located through Operation Zero Tolerance in the municipalities of Cuitláhuac, Alvarado, Ciudad Isla, Sayula de Alemán, Jesús Carranza, Coatzacoalcos and Agua Dulce, where they were given all the necessary attention.

According to the report, The first location was on the Córdoba-Minatitlán highway in the municipality of Cuitláhuac; In that place they located ten Hondurans, six Guatemalans, five Ecuadorians, four Salvadorans and one Venezuelan.

By continuing with the work, in the Minatitlán-Veracruz de Alvarado highway, The officers protected nine Ecuadorians, two Guatemalans and one Honduran.

In the vicinity of Ciudad Isla, They detected 193 Guatemalans, six Salvadorans, three Ecuadorians and one Nicaraguan.

Meanwhile in Sayula from German, operational personnel provided humanitarian support to nine Hondurans, two Guatemalans and one Nicaraguan. Meanwhile, in Jesus Carranza They located an Ecuadorian and a Guatemalan.

Finally, in Coatzacoalcos They sheltered six Hondurans and in Sweet water In the August 15 subdivision, they located 27 Hondurans, 18 Salvadorans and five Guatemalans.

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The 310 migrants were channeled to the National Migration Institute (INM) to determine their situation in the country.

Originally published in the Xalapa Diary

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