AMLO takes advantage of meeting with US officials to justify flight delays – El Sol de México

President Andrés Manuel López took advantage of this Wednesday’s meeting at the National Palace with US officials to justify the delays in the new transportation that he has inaugurated, such as the Isthmus trains, Maya and the new Mexicana de Aviación airline and told the officials of the White House who are like justice “it takes time, but it comes.”

At the beginning of the meeting that López Obrador led with Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States, the Tabasco native asked: “How was the trip?”, while Blinken responded politely: “Very good. The winds were not in our favor so we arrived a little late.”

The Mexican president immediately said: “Now we begin the operation of passenger trains and an aviation line, an airline” and justified the delays in these transports to comment that “the trains and planes are not arriving on time, but I say that it is like justice that sometimes takes time, but comes.”

Yesterday, bad weather ruined the start of Mexicana de Aviación, a civil transport airline operated by the Army and whose first trip was delayed two hours to arrive at its destination.

Mexicana’s first flight was affected by a fog bank that prevented visibility at the Tulum Airport and other air ports on the Peninsula.

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Also the start of the Mayan Train that López Obrador launched on December 16, had a delay of four hours in its route. According to the authorities, the delay was due to a technical failure beyond the control of the Tren Maya company, operated by the Army.

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