Federal Labor Center attended to more than 400 thousand conciliation requests in three years – El Sol de México

The labour reformwith a new agile justice model, conciliated 70 percent of the conflicts, and through the Federal Center for Conciliation and Labor Registration (CFCRL), legitimized 30,526 collective bargaining contractsending 108 thousand by not consulting with their workers.

At the end of this year, there are already 160 thousand agreements and ratificationswhen 70 percent of the labor disputes federal jurisdiction by path of conciliation and 83 percent achieved it in the first hearing.

The above translates into the recovery of just over 35 million pesos for the benefit of the workers.

This new model had its origin in the Labour reformthe most important of the last 100 years, which involved the transformation of the labor justice system and the impulse to union democracywhich made the workers’ rights to participate in their unions and decide on their collective contracts.

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In a recount of the results, the Federal Labor Center reports that received 5,443 requests for collective conciliationof which concluded the 92 percent. And they were resolved favorably by agreement 543 strike locations.

For all these actions, the CFCRL has expert conciliation officers who actively participate to ensure that the parties reach agreements with greater fairness and balance.

As for the rregistration of associationsin these three years almost 15 thousand requests. The record of managerial renewal occupies first place with 4 thousand 766 procedures requested. The modification of the membership registry, in the second place with 3 thousand requests. And the registration of association with 1,206 requeststhird place.

In matters of collective bargaining contracts (CCT) were registered 13 thousand 230 agreements of contractual review and recorded 751 initial CCTs.

With respect to the registration of Internal Labor Regulations, jurisdiction 13 thousand 771 those who complied satisfactorily and registered.

Regarding the issuance of Certificates of Representativeness, they were almost 8 thousand those that were granted.

Monitor the STP benefits and salaries

It is reported that this year concluded the procedure for legitimizing collective bargaining contracts and specifies that of the 108 thousand that were terminated for not consulting the workers; the benefits and agreed wages were preserved in favor of the workers.

For this, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS) and the Federal Labor Center itself monitor.

And regarding this new stage, in which the representativeness of union organizations and authentic collective bargaining are guaranteed, the Federal Labor Center is committed to the continuous improvement of its procedures and procedures.

For this, it improves its registration platforms, public service mechanisms that include social networks and the creation of a virtual counselor that also operates through Telegram.

In terms of individual conciliation, the Personality Accreditation Registry (RENPE) operates, which makes it easier for employers to register their notarial instruments and makes the conciliation hearing more efficient for the benefit of the worker.

To put an end to opacity in the union world, the CFCRLwith the cooperation of the United States Department of Labor, launched the Labor Repository. It’s about a digital search engine which concentrates historical and current documentation on union records, collective contracts and internal regulations from across the country.

This information is available to all citizens.

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In 2024, the Federal Labor Center will continue innovation of your care processes and its dissemination work, so that every day more workers exercise their right to have unions that truly represent them.

As well as accessing agile and fair dispute resolution procedures and actively participating in the negotiation of their collective contracts.

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