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More than a good financial reward, Aarón Díaz seeks that each project in which he participates has some positive message for society, whether the story inspires them to fight for their dreams, that people’s mentalities change or simply that viewers acquire some knowledge.

That is why, it does not matter if you carry out one or two projects a year and the rest of the time you stay hidden from the spotlight; Now his mission is to tell a good plot, with which he agrees and feels satisfied.

“This is my essence, I couldn’t do 10 projects a year that leave me nothing, I decide to do one, two or three a year because unfortunately human beings sometimes get carried away by easy, superficial, scandalous things and I don’t care. I like that, sometimes people forget that we have this power to inspire, we forget how powerful it is,” Díaz said in an interview.

“But inspiring people to do something negative, the truth is no, in that case it’s better to stay at home and don’t go out, what kind of person are you if you don’t care about anything other than being paid and appearing in cheap gossip? “I don’t agree with that, I don’t like it, I can’t stand it, that’s the reason why I always decide to choose my projects well and try to leave a message,” added the actor.

An example of this mentality is his next film Thornwritten and directed by Daniel Poler and in which he gives life to Eduardoone of the protagonist’s life accomplices.

The film addresses the story of Jonathana 29-year-old young man who, tired of being treated like a child just because he has a physical limitation, decides to take a trip to Panama with his friends to confront the doctor who caused his disability.

“It is a beautiful message from Jonathan, a boy who is in a wheelchair, has been all his life, has a super power that is to inspire human beings to see things from a positive perspective. That a boy in a wheelchair has the best attitude in the world, he is optimistic and happy, he is inspiring, that is the movie, it is a beautiful film that I am proud to have been a part of.

“I think it will make many people happy when it is released, it will inspire many, those of us who have all our abilities, it will open our eyes because sometimes we complain about every nonsense that we do not realize the truly valuable things and we It will teach you to change that way of seeing life,” he said.

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The film stars Aarón Díaz, Jonathan Benaim, Paulina Mondragón, Lola Ponce, Mimí Lazo, Mary Gaby Sealy, among others. The feature film is expected to be released to the public next year after passing through film festivals.

Aarón assured that one of his purposes for 2024 is to create projects that help promote new talents and leave good messages. “I love acting, interpreting, of course I can play villains, but you are a piece of a good message, not just doing for the sake of doing, that is the reason why you don’t see me all the time and why I have to create my own programs, I do it for myself and for the people who follow me and the projects I do,” he concluded.

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