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For 20 years Aventurera was one of the most important plays in Mexico under the leadership and production of the unforgettable Carmen Salinas, making it one of the highest-grossing shows in the history of theater when it was experiencing moments of crisis.

Carmen Salinas gave Aventurera a unique style, mixing dance, drama and music, all under the atmosphere of the Salón Los Ángeles, located in the heart of the Guerrero neighborhood, although it later moved to the Teatro Blanquita.

Aventurera had its premiere in October 1997 and for two decades it was always an absolute success, it was even presented in Hollywood and on Broadway itself.

27 years after its premiere, it will be in 2024 when Aventurera returns thanks to producer Juan Osorio, who has the rights to the work, and has revealed that the actress of Russian origin Irina Baeva will be the protagonist along with actor Daniel Elbittar and Nicola Porcella, who will take advantage of this opportunity after his participation in the reality show La Casa de los Famosos México.

What is Aventurara about?

The work Aventurera is based on the original novel by Álvaro Custodio that was made into a black and white film in the 1940s with the Cuban Ninón Sevilla leading the cast and which led to its success.

Aventurera tells the drama experienced by Elena Tejero, an innocent young woman who is deceived by Lucio “El Guapo”, who falls in love with her but sells her to Rosaura (the role played by Carmen Salinas in the play), who forces her to prostitute herself at the Kumbala cabaret. .

Resigned to her new life, at Kumbala Elena meets Mario, who is Rosaura’s son and falls in love with her, so she sees in him the opportunity to take revenge on those who led her to that dead end.

Who has been Adventurer?

The first actress to star in the play Aventurera was Edith González, although she was not the first choice for Carmen Salinas.

In an interview with Maxine Woodside, Carmelita said that she wanted Itatí Cantoral to be Elena Tejero, but Televisa ordered her to participate in a soap opera by Emilio Larrosa.

“The first one who was going to be an Adventurer was Itatí Cantoral, I loved her because her body reminded me of María Antonieta Pons. We waited for her for more than a month because she was in Europe,” she said, but when she arrived, Itatí had to explain to Carmelita what what was happening.

As fate would have it, Carmen Salinas went out with Edith González and her brother to watch a soccer game, then they went to eat and they played music there and the actress started dancing.

“At lunch they played tropical background music and the güera stood up and started dancing. I turned to see Chato and told him: ‘this is the Adventurer.’ We proposed the project to her, whose script we took to her house the next day. That night I received a call and Edith told me: ‘I am an Adventurer,’” Salinas added in that interview.

For Carmen Salinas, Edith González, who died in 2019 due to cancer, was the best Adventurer.

One year after the premiere, Itatí Cantoral took the place of Edith González.

From there the list of Adventurers continued:


Patricia Christmas

Yatana (emerging)

Adriana Fonseca

Lorena Rojas

Sabine Moussier

Maribel Guardia

Malillany Marin

Ninel Conde

Susana González, who performed with Aventurera at the free performance that took place in the capital’s Zócalo in April 2017, where there were 12 thousand attendees.

With the additional information that Edith González returned to Aventurera during some performances at the Blanquita theater.

Who were the first cast of Aventurera?

The first cast of Aventurera was made up of Edith González as Elena Tejero; Carmen Salinas as Rosaura del mar, the madam of the El Kumbala cabaret; Alejandro Tommasi was La Bugambilia, a character created by Carlos Olmos to replace El Rengo; Luis Felipe Tovar as the villain Lucio El Guapo; Sergio Basáñez, the romantic heartthrob Mario Cervera; Ramiro Huerta, Pacomio; Jorge Becerril, El Rana, and Ernesto Gómez Cruz playing Commander Treviño.

After the departure of Sergio Basáñez as the leading man of Aventurera, Ramón Abascal then took over, who after a brief season left the position to Rodrigo Abed, followed by Mauricio Islas, Jorge Salinas and Ernesto Laguardia.

From there onwards, there are many actors who paraded through the Kumbala, including the maestro Aarón Hernán and Pedro Armendáriz in the role of the police commander; or Rafael Inclán as El Rengo.

The role of Bugambilia has also been played by Libertad Palomo, Tomás Goros, Sergio Mayer, Xavier Ortiz and Mauricio Barcelata and even Coque Muñiz.

However, Juan Osorio revealed that for the new Aventurera, La Bugambilia will disappear because it will be adapted to the original story.

Regarding who will play Rosaura, a role that Carmelita Salinas had all her life, the producer explained that he wants to pay tribute to the actress who died in 2021, so he will hold a call among the public so that whoever best imitates her and looks like her double, will be the chosen one.

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