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Who or who, inside or outside, are cowardly interested in eroding national institutions, at the expense of a people who have made sacrifice a profession of faith?

Why – taking advantage of the obvious emotional disadvantage deepened by frustrations – do we insist on malicious rumors that hurt the conscience and paralyze purposes and actions?

But above all, what happens to us Mexicans who choose to remain silent in the face of obvious aggression, to respond in all tones, but above all in the tone of dignity?

In this case, false media rumors are not only an attack on a person or a political option who is dealt from behind the infamous blow that tends to destroy honor and prestige. They are the case and the development of a town. And if we are all affected by the perversion of slander, where are the political parties and civil, religious, educational organizations and the powerful unions and business groups? Are they behind all this?

Where is the angry voice of those who protest with the drama and heroics of late-night actors because the fly flies or the sun rises earlier?

A silence, which may be stupor, naivety or simple complicity, floats in the Mexican atmosphere. Meanwhile, the financial vultures, feasting on speculative carrion, do their thing again – like so many other disastrous repetitions – causing problems in the stock market and controlling the price of the North American currency.

Of course, this represents a cunning blow to the weakened wallets of those who have the least, of which there are many in this country. And the most serious thing of all is that – despite its repetition – we still have not learned the painful lesson. What will it take for us – people and government – to once and for all dare to decide the world and the destiny we want for Mexico?

Someone – with that luminous wisdom that emerged from the depths of the people – warned the four winds, so that it could be heard: you don’t play with hunger!

And we are still on time….

This is happening now that the democracies of each political institution decide or invent fallacious rumors.

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