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Well, nothing new in the first presidential debate, except for so many failures in its production and transmission.

The only thing that will be remembered is the upside-down eagle on the flag that candidate Berta showed…


And by the way, who will be more diplomatic, Daniel Noboa, or Mrs.

It’s better

Among the rubble of a mosque in Rafah, some Palestinian worshipers pray for Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan and synonymous this year with “sadness” and “fear” in the Gaza Strip.

Let us hope that, in the next religious ceremony, the Palestinians will be like the phoenix and rise from the ashes, for the good of humanity, just as the Israeli people did after the Hitler era…

It’s not like that either

Interviewed at the headquarters of the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate (CEM), the candidate Jorge Alvarez Maynez stressed that “it was already good that the poor in Mexico have to suffer that type of discrimination and that type of insults,” by Xóchitl, calling “ güey” to those who do not have a home at 60 years old…

“My grandmother worked all her life and died in a rented house. She prioritized giving an education to her children, she prioritized giving opportunities to her grandchildren; she died working. My grandmother was an exceptional Mexican. I cannot understand that there are those types of prosecutions,” said the orange candidate,

Well, as they say, Berta screwed her up again, the girl…

Take off your mask

Ethan Crumbley was 15 years old when he opened fire at his Oxford high school in Michigan in 2021, killing seven classmates.

His parents were accused of leaving a gun within Ethan’s reach and ignoring warning signs about their son’s mental health, for which they were sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. Thus, Jennifer and James Crumbley are the first parents convicted in the US for liability in a shooting.

In reality, the culprit is the left and right sale of weapons in the US, where it is easier to buy any weapon than an antibiotic without a prescription…; and they should also punish the National Rifle Association…

Too bad, little lady!

Vietnamese billionaire Truong My Lan was sentenced to death for one of the biggest bank frauds in history, in Vietnam’s most spectacular trial of one of the biggest bank frauds the world has ever seen.

She is one of the few women in Vietnam sentenced to death for a white-collar crime.

Truong, 67, was convicted of borrowing $44 billion from Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB) over 11 years, and must repay $27 billion, a sum prosecutors say may never be recovered…

Uja, that’s what happens to her because she wasn’t born Mexican, here at most they give her house arrest…


-Habemus morning

-Isn’t the debatINE played?

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