Admiring Ernesto Gómez Cruz forever is fair and correct: actors – El Sol de México

.Both actors from previous generations, as well as the very young ones who are “really looking forward” to the institutional learning carried out at the National School of Theater Art, openly and sincerely expressed the opinion that; “Admiring Ernesto Gómez Cruz forever… is simply fair and correct… And why? Because “the much-loved teacher, with his exemplary and wonderful conduct, is a legacy of perfection and hard professional effort for all of us, within a career that, like acting, is indisputably beautiful to all of us who struggle in it. Of course. But, equally, very special and difficult to direct and achieve within the best goals; and he, Don Ernesto, did reach them and enjoyed them.”

And so, the reasoning heard was equally as clear as it was honest: “The graduate of the National School of Theater Art is considered the second Mexican actor with the most distinctions. And for this reason, the Ministry of Culture and Inbal, in agreement with the daughter of the renowned actor, will pay him a well-deserved tribute in the Main Room of the Palace of Fine Arts.

With more than five decades of artistic career, the first actor Ernesto Gómez Cruz leaves a broad legacy after participating in countless characters in more than 200 films; The first of them was “El Azteca”, in which he starred in the film The Caifaneswhich was awarded a Silver Goddess.

The federal Ministry of Culture and the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (Inbal) regret the death of the renowned actor, who during his artistic career, participated alongside Juan Ibáñez, Miguel Littín, Felipe Cazals, Arturo Ripstein and Luis Estrada, among others.

It is worth remembering that the first Silver Goddess he received was followed by various awards and recognitions, becoming, after Damián Alcázar, the second Mexican actor with the most distinctions.

For best male co-performance he won the Silver Ariel in 1975 for The Coming of the King Olmos and by Life imprisonment; in 1976 by Acts of Marusia; in 1977 by Kill the Lion. In 1996 he was nominated for the Silver Ariel for Best Actor for The Alley of Miracles and The Overturns of the Heart.

He was also named Best of Picture in 2003 for his intervention in The crime of Father Amaro, achieving the Silver Ariel. In 2014 she was also awarded Gold for her artistic career; in 1979, the Silver Ariel for The eve; In 1987 she received it for The empire of fortune.

In 2019, the renowned actor who graduated from ENAT generously sponsored the 2016-2019 generation of students from the Inbal Artistic Initiation Schools. The recognitions he obtained were not only national; In 1986 the Havana Film Festival awarded him best actor for The empire of fortune; For that same film, the San Sebastián International Film Festival awarded him the Silver Shell that same year.

Soap operas and 10 plays are also part of the professional career of Gómez Cruz, who in June 2018 received a tribute at the National Cineteca for 50 years of career, an occasion in which he shared his passion for being an actor since he discovered his talent by participating in theater in his native Veracruz.

Ernesto Gómez Cruz, throughout his career, shared credits with Ignacio López Tarso, Pedro Armendáriz, Salma Hayek, Penélope Cruz, Gael García Bernal, Carmen Salinas, Katy Jurado, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Geraldine Chaplin, among many actors and national and foreign actresses…and, well, let’s not deny that there is much more to comment on this irreparable and very beloved character; But, for now, – and with great sadness too – we send our sincere feelings of gratitude, respect and deep admiration towards his very valuable professional contributions.

And we said goodbye as always with a kiss.

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