Aida Cuevas will release an album with unreleased songs by Juan Gabriel – El Sol de México

Aida Cuevas closed 2023 with the release of the single “Maybe tomorrow”, a song she received from Juan Gabriel 40 years ago. Fortunately for her followers, as well as those of “El Divo de Juárez”, that song is just a preview of a full album that will be released in March.

“We have a huge surprise, with songs by Juan Gabriel that are going to be released in March, with which I hope that many people who do not know that music listen to it and become a fan of the songs, because Juan Gabriel left a wonderful legacy. “They are unreleased songs that he gave me,” the artist confirmed in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

The singer, who in her career was able to sing alongside Alberto Aguilera Valadez, remembers him as one of her great companions in a career of almost 50 years. “I had the honor. The first time I sang with him was 60 consecutive nights in a place called El Patio. I had many experiences with him,” she explained.


For Aida Cuevas, Mexican music is in a good moment, even though she considers that at one stage its genre has been complicated.

“Motivation is the passion you have for what you do. I thank God for putting me in this very difficult genre, because Mexican music is now gaining popularity again, but it was really relegated for more than 30 years. Fighting against the current is difficult but when you bring the desire and affection, every day it is about contributing something,” he explained.


Currently, Aida also shares her legacy with her daughter Valeria Cuevas, with teachings that, with a view to the future, will maintain the tradition of women in ranchera music, among which Aida Cuevas remembers Lola Beltrán, Lucha Villa, Rocío Dúrcal and Amalia Mendoza.

“The woman comes to give that feminine touch that is needed to be able to flirt, wear a beautiful dress and sing. Also to show that mariachi is a genre that can be enhanced with a female voice,” she said.

“Valeria is following in my footsteps. I see the love and passion, the respect that she, like me, has for our music and costumes, I have taught her how to wear the charro suit. I see a lot of skills in her to get there, I hope that along the way she doesn’t get lost and starts singing other types of music,” she commented.

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Before her new album comes out, Aida Cuevas will hit the stage of the Teatro Metropólitan on February 14. “It is not the first time that I perform at the Metropólitan but it is always as if it were, putting together a new show. A retelling of the songs that I have been singing for 48 years,” the singer explained about the concert.

“I hope that the people who attend sing, that they are comfortable and that they listen to songs that they have not heard in many years, because there is a lot of music lost in the trunk of memories that I am going to bring out that night,” concluded Aida Cuevas.

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