After 31 hours of work, Pemex workers close gas leak in Tonalá – El Sol de México

TONALA. After 31 hours of work, staff Mexican oil (Pemex) State Civil Protection and Jalisco Firefighters sealed the gasoline leak which began early Friday morning in a clandestine taking on land near the communities of Puente Grande and Tololotlán, in the municipality of Tonalaand until this Saturday afternoon the inhabitants were able to return to their homes.

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Civil protection state reported that they finished the maintenance work of the pipeline that was cut by members of a criminal group to extract clandestine fuel, which caused a leak that reached 12 meters high.

“Pemex and Jalisco Civil Protection personnel report that the repair work on the duct and suppression of leakage hydrocarbon registered in the municipality of Tonalá,” detailed the state agency.

Once the repair of the Guadalajara-Salamanca pipeline was completed, the personnel of Pemex authorized the inhabitants of Puente Grande and Tololotlán to return to their homes, in addition to the Federal electricity commission restored the power supply that had to be cut off so that there was no risk of a fire due to the cloud of vapors generated by the leak from the gasoline.

“The safe return to their homes of the inhabitants of Tololotlán and Puente Grande and the electric power has already been restored,” reported the state’s Civil Protection.

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Early last Friday, residents of Puente Grande notified the authorities that they could smell an odor of fuel, so staff Pemex and Civil Protection elements went to the area.

Due to the escape of gasolinearound 2,100 people were evacuated in El Salto, Juanacatlán, Zapotlanejo and Tonalá, of which the majority returned home in the afternoon, except for the residents of Puente Grande and Tololotlánwho did it until they finished the work to seal the leak and clean the area.

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