Colonies in Benito Juárez live in road chaos and lack of parking – El Sol de México

Neighbors from the NocheBuena neighborhood, in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, complain about the vehicle saturation, the lack of parking lots and the road chaos generated by soccer matches and bullfights.

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Blanca Lugo, a neighbor of an apartment located on Alberto Balderas Street, said that on days when there are events in the Bullring and the Blue Stadium, the neighbors They are left trapped by the cars that are parked around the streets, with the transport of the authorities themselves, by the arrival of thousands of people and the roadside stands.

“To the neighbors They don’t let us enter our homes, they prevent us from entering the cars although we present the INE. Previously, they gave us a card that gave us access to the neighborhood and even when we showed it to them, they did not allow us access or told us to look elsewhere,” he told El Sol de México.

The neighbor He said that since bullfighting resumed, the number of security in the colony to protect attendees due to demonstrations against this activity, but do not support the neighbors of the colony when they have an emergency.

“We already had an incident of a neighbor whose son got sick, they couldn’t get the car out to transfer him to the hospital, They had to come and intubate the boy department because there was no way to get out, at a certain moment we were kidnapped in our same area,” he said.

According to the Mobility secretarythere are 338 parking spaces in the Noche Buena neighborhood for neighbors and event attendees, but these spaces fill up quickly, so those who attend events in cars look for streets to park. The authorities also occupy space with their vehicles in the security operations.

In a tour of this neighborhood, prior to the match between the Cruz Azul and Atlético San Luis soccer clubs, it was observed that since 3:30 p.m., at least six streets were closed with traffic police checkpoints from the Secretary of Citizen Security: on Alberto Balderas and Carolina, on Eje 6 and Indiana Street, on San Antonio and Indiana Streets and on Illinois and Maximiliano Camacho.

Yesterday, the capital department deployed six official vehicles10 motorcycles, two cranes and an ambulance from the Rescue and Medical Emergencies Squadron.

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Paola, who lives on Eje 6, in front of the Azul Stadium, said that she is used to the traffic and chaos that is generated with the arrival of fans, so she takes precautions to not be affected.

“When there is a game after 4:00 p.m. you can no longer go out, because you have the issue of traffic and the cars, but for many years I have been aware of that, that is why I either don’t go out or come back until the events are over,” he explained.

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