Art and academia | Our musical legacies should be proudly spread: Soprano Lopezrios and pianist Olechowski – El Sol de México

The admirable and joint openness of artistic behavior demonstrated a few days ago, by the soprano Zulyamir Lopezríos and the pianist Józef Olechowski, left us all as convinced as it was satisfied. All the musical compositions that have circulated in our Mexican daily life for 200 or 300 years; They must be correctly disseminated and appreciated in all their historical, sociological and of course artistic importance; and, that singers who have been trained in singing studies and coverage, both national and international, constitute, among others, the most suitable groups to transcend such a special project, under seriously professional disciplines.

The popular singer, José Luis Montenegro, who attended as a listener, said, when expressing his opinion, that all the composers “who have managed to successfully contribute their poems set to music, which have pleasantly accompanied our existence, are legacy products, they should be by right, not not only listened to but even analyzed in an orderly manner by specialists”… And all this was demonstrated when both artists defended their concepts, through the best and most worthy: Their own performances “and of the highest quality”, according to the repeated opinions of the audience. , since everyone present managed to appreciate and confirm this very recent and presumed achievement, with works by Farrés, Lara, María Grever, Ruiz Armengol, Barcelata, Arcaraz and Curiel, among others in the Blas Galindo Auditorium.

Let me understand in your eyes was the recital that the soprano Zulyamir Lopezríos and the pianist Józef Olechowski offered at the National Center for the Arts. The concert brought together boleros and the title of the program comes from a song by Gonzalo Curiel, a Mexican composer who was born in 1904 and died in 1958, and who left dozens of compositions that are still sung at family or festive gatherings.

And when we learn biographical data, soprano Zulyamir Lopezríos has a career spanning more than five decades, after having graduated from the Inbal National Conservatory of Music. Dance is another of her passions. She has performed in countries in Europe, Asia and North America, in order to spread the legacy of Mexican authors, whose musical quality is beyond doubt and who deserves to be known and recognized inside and outside our geographical borders. In addition, the singer is a teacher at the Inbal Higher School of Music, and the UNAM Faculty of Music.

The pianist Józef Olechowski, for his part, is a Polish musician who has lived in Mexico for more than 30 years and who has fallen in love with the music made by national authors, to the point of recording more than 40 albums dedicated exclusively to them. His best-known album is the Chamber Music of Manuel M. Ponce, in two volumes, which allowed him to obtain some awards, praising his production and execution. He has studied in both Poland and Mexico and each year he goes on international tours through the United States, Japan, Europe and Latin America. Since 1990 he has directed the Federico Chopin Cultural Society of Mexico, AC, which he also helped create. So then, and with all these details gathered, it can almost be assured that our musical heritage is in the best hands and imagining it like this, we can only send everyone a kiss.

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