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One in every four personal computers (PC) worldwide will have Artificial Intelligence (AI) included by 2025 and the American company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is ready to facilitate its application in Mexico.

Gustavo Ramírez Ortega, consumer director for AMD in Latin America, assured that the arrival of Artificial Intelligence will be a turning point for the use of digital tools, the development of new technologies and computing equipment in the future.

“AI is one of the most important waves of this century, it is similar to the arrival of the internet or cell phones, and our mission is for the user to understand that it is already here, take them by the hand, and make them understand that they can make their easier life,” said Ramírez in an interview with El Sol de México.

The manager pointed out that AI allows PCs to offer more personalized assistance, automate repetitive tasks and increase the security of personal information, since all tools can be used without the need for an internet connection.

AMD, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is an American company dedicated to the design and development of processors, graphics cards and other technology products.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has driven significant growth in this sector. Nvidia leads the industry with an 80 percent market share, but AMD has positioned itself as one of its few viable competitors.

In 2023, AMD introduced the industry’s first AI-enabled personal computer processor. This integration allows computers to execute applications and tasks more efficiently and quickly, Ramírez said.

“We are already in the market. In fact, I would say that they are competing with the rest of us. “We have a clear route for the next five years of where we want to go with the topic of AI.”

In Mexico, three out of every 10 computers operate with AMD technology. Ramírez pointed out that, with the integration of AI, the company aims to achieve a 50 percent share in the Mexican market on a sustained basis in the next two years.


The growth of the semiconductor industry worldwide presents a unique opportunity for Mexico given its proximity to the United States and the existing treaties, stated the director of AMD.

“Mexico has the ideal conditions to expand and develop an entire semiconductor infrastructure, from assembly lines to production, and could prove to be one of the most benefiting countries in this sector.”

In 2022, the US government created the so-called Chips Law with the aim of promoting the research and manufacturing of these products. The initiative seeks to reduce dependence on countries such as China and Taiwan, and Mexico was included by the government to strengthen the supply chain.

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AMD considered that Mexico has the potential to expand its industry, however, it will be essential to establish a dialogue with companies to understand their needs and be able to establish production plants in the country.

“Chip companies are currently looking to places like Arizona, Malaysia or Taiwan, but why wouldn’t they think about Tijuana or Mexicali, this historic opportunity has to be taken advantage of, and to achieve this, it is necessary to understand the needs of these industries.”

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