Bellakath and Yeri Mua: They fight on social networks. How did their fans react? – The Sun of Mexico

The singers Bellakath and Yeri Mua they carried out an exchange of indirect on social networks, something unexpected for followers of both, since months ago they assured that there was no type of difference between them.

In fact, the influencers They had made clear their intentions to hold together some musical collaborationHowever, the project may no longer happen for this reason. rivalry.

How was the fight between Yeri Mua and Bellakath?

The fight between Yeri Mua and Bellakath It began following a publication on Instagram by the Veracruz influencer about her rehearsals to be better prepared for the stages.

Bellakath It didn’t take long for him to publish on his broadcast channel instagram an audio message mocking Yeri Mua for her way of dancing, as well as a story where he called her “chapulĂ­n.”

“Grateful that I don’t look like a crushed grasshopper when I dance style flow,” was the first comment from the “Gatita” performer.

The former participant of the reality television “falling in love“, she didn’t stop there and then sent an audio to her fans asking them not to forget that she was from “bellakeo.”

“Don’t forget to play the ballakeo queen, it hurts the oompa loompa that it hurts… no way,” he said Bellakath.

Yeri Mua responds to Bellakath in X; This is how his fans reacted

Yeri Mua She is known for not fearing critics and respond in a very peculiar way to anyone who stroke and this time was no exception.

Given the hints of Bellakath, the singer of “Pacifier“made comments related to the Cosmetic surgeries of both celebrities.

“They operated on me well, they operated on you badly…and you record it baby,” wrote Yeri Mua.

Some reactions from followers were immediate and they disapproved of Yeri Mua’s response for criticizing Bellakath’s physique.

“But shouldn’t we talk about other people’s bodies, much less attack them? And your sorority?” and “I don’t want to defend yeri mua, but bellakat thinks that she has to be the only one in reggaeton when not, the sun rises for everyone,” were some opinions that the confrontation generated.

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